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Skyscraper Farm Coming To Singapore

Even more architecture that resembles the “arcologies” of Sim City 2000 are sprouting up, this time in Singapore.�Here, eco-minded architecture firm TR Hamzah & Yeang is designing this skyscraper it’s calling the EDITT (Ecological Design In The Tropics) Tower. This 26-story skyscraper will be constructed using various recycled and recyclable materials. Not only that, but the tower will include the ...

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RoboCard Keeps CDs Safe and Your Butthole Clean

With his tin toy robot look and corrugated cardboard body, the RoboCard is willing and ready to do the extremely bizarre task for which he was created. Believe it or not, RoboCard will hold and protect up to 14 CDs and a roll of extra toilet paper “for any spill, leak, drip, drop, or other emergency.” At W8.7″ x D6.3″ ...

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