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A $4,000 Nintendo Wii? We’d Rather Choke

Sure, the Wii might be the worst damn console in history according to our very official and scientific calculations. But the Nintendo gaming platform must have its fans out there somewhere, right? So, for all three of you at the Pleasantville Senior Rest Home, we’ve got a real treat for you and your saggy-diapered, Wiimote-wielding asses. Pimped out with an ...

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GPS-Equipped Walker Saves Grandpa From Making A Senile Turn

Oh, Grandpa you did it again. Brought home by the police for making a wrong turn and “accidentally” walking into the woman’s fitting room. What are we going to do about these old timers constantly getting lost in the shuffle? Some student researchers are playing around with the idea of including GPS connected through WiFi on walkers. This way, patients ...

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Nokia Health Guard: Grandpa, Get Out Of The No-No Cabinet

Senile senior citizens cannot be trusted. As much as I love to laugh at the frequently falling and hip-breaking demographic, I also know a life with seniors is no picnic. As senility wins over their feeble tissue masses which used to be called active and functioning brains, they start reverting back to simple childhood curiosities. The difference is, that seniors ...

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