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Screenshots Released for the New Mortal Kombat

I’m not even going to give this newest extension of the Mortal Kombat series the label of sequel. I’m looking at this as a reinvention. The new Mortal Kombat name is being designed as an ode to everything that was great about the original series. Featuring recreations of the original arenas we came to know so well, as well as ...

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Sega Genesis Business Card Case

I missed out on the original NES and SNES systems during their heyday, but at least I got to fool around with the Sega Genesis when new games were still being released on a regular basis. And boy did I play the hell out of my system. NHL ’94 and Sonic, baby. Hours of fun. Increasingly, more kids from Gen-Y ...

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Sega Zippo Lighters

The detail on these lighters is insane. I wish I had kept my hands on my old Sega Saturn and Genesis consoles. Sonic the Hedgehog taught me everything I needed to know to grow into the adult I am today. Sure, I’m an adult that laughs at the word “boobies” (lol) every time he hears it, but still. These Sega ...

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