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Pumpkin Art Gone Fatty: Cheeseburger Pumpkin

Tis the season to rip a gourd from the garden and whip out the ole carving knife. Try to stretch your mouth around this pumpkin carving. My favorite part has to be the pumpkin seeds replacing the sesame seeds. While this might not be a “traditional” pumpkin carving, I think the finished result is even cooler, and certainly more appetizing, ...

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Teacup Birdfeeders For Stuck-up Birds

Birds are classy. They deserve to be treated like royalty as they run a muck in our neighborhoods, waking us up with annoying chirps and shitting all over our cars immediately after they’ve been washed. Etsy seller Ohthepollybilities makes these quaint teacup bird-feeders with an ordinary China teacup and some well-placed chain links. The seller describes its possibilities as “endless” ...

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Matchstick Garden Makes Planting Easier Than Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can be terrible for your health. So if you’re going to pull a Steve McQueen and catch a cigarette outside on your lunch break, why not do a little good for the planet at the same time? Carry around one of these Matchstick Gardens with you and whenever you light up, stick one of the “matches” in the ...

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