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Worlds.com CEO Wants to Sue Everyone

If you’re unfamiliar with Worlds.com, you’ll have to read up on the company’s asinine history sometime. The company created some shitty 3-D environment back in the dot-com boom days and because of this, it feels it owns all the patents pertaining to 3-D gaming. Now CEO Thom Kidrin is pulling a real douche move and is looking to sue the ...

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Google Cans “Lively” Project

Say goodbye to Google’s attempt at making a virtual social network. Announced back in July, Google is now closing the door on its Google Labs project “Lively” at the end of this year and says it wants, quote: “to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business.” I guess it’s back ...

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It’s raining Samsung phones in Second Life

As if you are not sick of Samsung’s propaganda in real life yet, the company is opening an island on the online virtual space Second Life to promote their phones. And since Samsung was trying to tell us how thin those phones they developed with Softbank were, they got this phone-raining effect on. If you would like to use these ...

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