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On Foot Watch Tells How Yout Stack Up Against World Record Holders

Crispin Jones’s limited edition On Foot Watch displays the time of world record breaking runs on the face of the watch, allowing you to match up your speed with the fastest runners in the world down to the second, minute or hour, depending on which arc and which length you’re following. Unless you’re a world class athlete, you’ll be doing ...

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Kahtoola Microspikes Show Ice Who’s The Boss

Love the outdoors? Run and hike often? Excellent. Pick up those $150 running shoes and get ready to invest another $60 in them. You’ll be getting a set of Microspikes; designed and produced by Kahtoola. Think snow chains for your shoes. As you hike and jog over icy surfaces, you’ll be laughing with total confidence. Those other hikers? Amateurs. You’re ...

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Fitbit: Pedometer 2.0

A cheap, barely-functional pedometer isn’t going to do you a lot of good. Shit, McDonalds was handing them out a few years ago with some bullshit “fit meal” marketing gimmick, essentially killing all hope that pedometer can really help you lose weight. All that has changed with the invention of the $99 Fitbit. At that price, most consumers will be ...

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