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KOREANNOVATION: May 12th-13th in NYC

Those of you who will be in New York tomorrow simply cannot miss KOREANNOVATION, a gizmos and gadgets trade show that will be showcasing the best of what Korea has to offer. You’ll see over 500 innovative products, ensuring there will never be a dull moment. And trust me, if Eclectic Method is remixing videos to promote this show, it’s ...

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Best Buy Releases API

I don’t know how I should feel about this. I’m very scared and feel very confused. In a move that is very unlike them, Best Buy decided to open up its entire product catalog to developers via an API. Dubbed “Remix,” the API will allow developers to earn affiliate cash by using Best Buy’s images, information and, of course, online ...

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Remix Artist Collective: Nintendo VS SEGA EP

I was browsing one of my private torrent sites today when I came across this torrent called “Nintendo VS SEGA EP” from the Remix Artist Collective or RAC. The album features four tracks consisting of classic Nintendo remixes. All your favorites are here: Link, Mario and Sonic. It’s pretty decent dance music and would go over well at the Maker ...

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