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Would You Like Salt With That?

In Japan, you can find a plethora of unique things that you simply won’t find anywhere else. From vending machines to robots, a lot of products are like ones you’ve never witnessed before. This time around, it’s a spa called Saltasia. As the name implies, this spa is heavily salt-based. Salt lines each room and is supposed to promote anti-aging ...

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Massage Pants: For When Your Penis Is Stiff

After a long day’s work (or a Hard’s Day Night), don’t you wish you could come home to a loving massage? Except when you do arrive home, all that awaits you is silence. Sure, it’s morbid, but probably close to reality. These Japanese made Massage pants offer just what you need to work out your tender genital tissue. With multiple ...

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Awake Alarm Clock / Night Light to revolutionize sleep

“This product aims to redefine the alarm clock”. And if it does what it says it does, then the “Awake” will do that and more. With digital science progressing at every turn, there was no doubt that technology would soon evolve to aid sleeping patterns and relaxation, which is what designer Ming Hsu accomplishes here. The Awake is both an ...

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