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Classic Album Covers Reimagined with Comic Book Heroes

Designed by illustrator Cliff Chiang, these reimagined album covers feature classic comic book heroes, though I like how these heroes aren’t the overplayed, traditionally spotted comic heroes. We’ve got comics such as Vampirella and The Teen Titans, rather than the overly portrayed X-Men and Batman renditions. Though Batman is slyly added with the slick reimagining of Purple Rain.

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Klypsos, A New Use For The Paper Clip

When you’re at a kicking party that’s got a ton of free wine and hors d’oeuvres, your hands are bound to be full. With this re-imagined paper clip, however, holding a glass of wine with your dish full of appetizers will leave your other hand free to shake hands and/or grab asses. The Polish design studio Razy2 is calling this ...

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