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Stay Classy: Camo Dinner Jacket

I don’t know why people feel the need to stand-out like a sore thumb, and not even in a good way, but an obnoxious, “you look ridiculous” sort of way. Why not wear something classy like the Hello Kitty tuxedo or something neon? The�Camouflage Dinner Jacket allows you the�opportunity�to never have to drop your redneck bravado, even at a fancy ...

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…You Might Be a Redneck: Truck Covered in Christmas Lights

How do rednecks celebrate the holidays? Other than running down wild animals and throwing perfectly good furniture across their lawn, them good ole boys like to take about 3,000 Christmas lights and just wrap ’em around their prized pick-up. Insert electric generator and voila, instant holiday cheer.

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