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Korea gets first dibs on RAZR 2

Ya know, Koreans get all the luck when it comes to cool mobile phone launches. Almost ALL of the cool designs get released over their first. The recently revealed RAZR 2 is no different. The iconic Motorola designed cell will make a Korean launch in June. The RAZR 2 will feature a 2-inch external screen and a 2.2-inch internal screen, ...

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G-rated video of Motorola’s leaked “LAZR”

[ev type=”youtube” data=”Q4OC-sNpgXs”][/ev] Don’t know what’s the deal with the girl, but the phone is truly hot. Supposedly an updated RAZR (and KRZR) with extra large external screen, and a form factor thinner than KRZR. What’s more is that it supports reading out messages and emails in a computer voice. We don’t know how legit this is yet. More video ...

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Samsung SGH-Z720 might blow away in the wind

It’s only a matter of time until our mobile devices are so thin and light that they begin to blow away in the wind. The new Samsung SGH-Z720 is officially the thinnest HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) slider phone coming in at 13.8mm thick (or thin). In case you care, yes, that is .1mm less than the Motorola RAZR, the ...

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