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Cellphone / Razor Hybrid Device

If this thing had a vagina and a mini-fridge we’d be set for life. Part razor, part cellphone, this thing’s got everything you need, sans a shower, to keep you looking your slickest. Link [via]

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The Ultimate Razor: Six Blades and A Shaving Cream Dispenser

See this shit? I’ve never heard of “ShaveMate” and would think twice about putting six goddamned blades near my face. BUT! But. The razor does feature a shaving cream dispenser inside the handle. That’s useful as hell for when you’re traveling or in the shower. I dunno. Would you use one of these? I’m on the fence about it. Link

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Gillette Harnesses The Advertising Power of The Zamboni

Gillette has finally realized they have been missing a key demographic with their marketing. Zamboni enthusiasts! The totally souped-up Zamboni features a snazzy ad campaign for the Gillette Fusion Power razor. Now I know what your momma shaves her ass with. I kid. But no really, your mother is huge and hairy. Link

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For The Kids

Get your children started on the path to geekdom with this Robot Toothbrush Holder. It’s only $8 and can hold two brushes with its powerful claws. It’ll also hold your disposable razor, but I wouldn’t trust a ‘borg with a blade any day. Anyone who’s seen Blade Runner will tell you that. Link [via]

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K-4 Tetra Special Edition Gundam Razor

The Japanese are crazy for zany themed products. The K-4 Special Edition Gundam Razor is themed after the wildly popular Japanese series, Mobile Suit: Gundam. What do huge robots and razors have in common? Probably nothing. Do most Japanese mash ups show any rhyme or reason? Exactly our point. Give yourself a shave so close that only a giant robot ...

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