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Retro Apple T-Shirt

So have you got $45 sitting around? Good. You’re going to need it before Apple gets its legal team all over these light-up retro Apple t-shirts. They feature the rainbow Apple logo of days past. The best part is that it responds to sound and will flash in sync with a beat should you provide it with one. Sure, $45 ...

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DIY: Discrete LED Color Organ

What better way to translate audio signals into light patterns than with this DIY project from Electronicpeasant.com. Throwing a few parties at your house while your rents are in Tahiti? Build a bunch of these, throw on some jam band music and take some hallucinogens to pay tribute to the late great Albert Hoffman. Perhaps some of your friends could ...

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Optical Tone Room Is A Trip

Japanese artist Mutoh Tsutomu has created the raver’s wet dream room. The Optical Tone installation is a combination of art, technology and science. Clad with LED light spectrums in conjunction with sensors that interact with inhabitants of the room, Tsutomu uses a special algorithm to display RGB colors. This interactively examines the problems in human perception and the recognition of ...

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Control Electricity With Twitter And Your Cellphone

[vimeo 1025711[/embed] The social networking site Twitter has more function than meets the eye. Hacknmod.com has shown that with Twitter, connecting your laptop to electrical devices will have you turning them on and off by simply sending a text message to your Twitter account. No need for “clap on, clap off” anymore. Just curtail the text message so you can ...

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