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World’s Fastest R/C Car Goes Faster Than Your Real Car

46-year-old Nic Case designed this R/C car which smashed the previous speed record by nearly 30 mph. Traveling at a max speed of 161 mph, the Pocket Rocket is the fastest R/C car known to exist. Case’s goal is to make a R/C car which can travel at 200 mph. While the chances of finding yourself a remote-controlled car that ...

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RCRC Transforming Robot Destroys Anything From Cybertron

Optimus Prime came by my apartment the other day. He was upset and in tears, so we sat down to have a heart to heart. The problem Optimus has is that there’s a new kid on the block who’s a lot more fun than he is. I told him not to worry and sent him home with a nice bowl ...

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Radio Controlled Lawn Mower the Arch-nemesis of Neighborhood Cats

The beautiful month of May is now upon us and you know what that means! Lots of warm, hot days eating ice cream, swimming in the pool and mowing the goddamned lawn. Lucky for you, radio controlled gadgets are becoming increasingly popular. Enter the radio controlled lawn mower. Instead of busting your ass mowing your grandmother’s three acre property, you ...

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