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Arduino-based Etch-A-Sketch

Using the graphical programming language Processing and an Arduino microcontroller, Trevor Shannon built himself a software-based Etch-A-Sketch. The Arduino reads the input from two potentiometers and then through a serial connection, lines are produced on a computer screen. Over time, the lines disappear, just like a real Etch-A-Sketch. A simple, yet intuitive way of using the Arduino to build a ...

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Processing Sound and Audio With The Arduino

It’s no news that we’re Arduino nuts here at Gearfuse, but lately, we haven’t seen anything that has really pushed the boundaries of the popular microcontroller. Now some smarty pants named Martin has come along with a schematic that allows real-time audio processing with the Arduino. This means you can create guitar FX pedals, equalizers and a whole lot of ...

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The Beat Goes On and On and On

The musical trio from Tokyo, Japan known as d.v.d. sound like a blast to see live. The group consists of drummers Itoken and Jimanica and visualizer Takashi Yamaguchi. As the drummers play and beat on the drums, Takashi projects and manipulates brilliant imagery on a screen. The sounds trigger geometrical shapes and landscapes via Processing (just like Metamorphosis 2), ensuring ...

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Metamorphosis 2 To Corsair

Glenn Marshall is the master of Processing and mixing an old Boards of Canada song (Corsair) into motion graphics. The above video, dubbed “Metamorphosis 2”, is one of his finest works. Try watching it at 2:00am before going to bed and I think you’ll find it oddly relaxing. Link

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Commodore Comeback

In the wake of the Commodore 64 LAN party comes a new breed of laptop. Commodore is pulling a Steve Jobs, as in: you heard it was dead, but it was all lies. It’s making a comeback with a netbook, go figure, it’s the UMMD 8010/F. Compared to the Commodore 64, it’s loaded. The UMMD 8010/F has a 10″ screen ...

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