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An Infininte Resource Of LEGO Bricks

In construction work, it always helps to have a blueprint of your plans before you start building. Well, the same goes for LEGO construction, too. A new updated version of Allen Smith’s LEGO design freeware, Bricksmith was just released. Now, you can generate mini figures and add them to whatever it is you design in this virtual brick builder. Do ...

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The Messiest Calendar, Ever

If you thought that the nail biting clock and calendar was weird, check out this different take on the calendar altogether. Oscar Diaz came up with this self-printing concept when he discovered he could control ink bleeding onto paper. You could have a wallpaper calendar to write on, schedule appointments and what not, but where is the fun in writing ...

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An Obama Of Our Own: Fold Your Own Candidate

Depending on your political affiliation, this site is now offering the three major contenders as downloadable and printable finger puppets. But really, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t they have finger puppets of us? Whether you are a McCain man, a Clintonite, or an Obama brotha, you can print out all three of the finger puppets and hold ...

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Download A Camera: Yes, Download A Camera

So it might not be digital, and it might not feature all of those cool specs of your favorite super-powered camera, but it is a FREE friggen’ camera. Featuring design patterns by Corbis, you can download your very own pinhole camera from Readymech Cameras. All you have to do is print, assemble, and read up about using a pinhole camera ...

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