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Knit Leia Wig / Winter Hat / Ear Muffs Is Buntastic

Carrie Fisher’s iconic hairstyle as Princess Leia in Star Wars has become a status symbol for any true member of sci-fi royalty. A crafty lady designed a Princess Leia Wig (which also looks like it operates equally well as a winter hat and ear warmers) which you can get from Etsy. Available for only $7.95, the choice is yours. The ...

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Life-sized Leia, You’re Our Only Hope

The best way for us nerds to score chicks is to focus on ladies that have mobility problems. In other words, trouble running away from our squealing voices. Instead of focusing on paraplegics (as sexy as they are), this Life-sized Princess Leia model has nowhere to run, and couldn’t run even if she did have somewhere to run too. With ...

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