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Raspberry Beret Shower Cap Takes Prince Way Too Literal

I’m pretty sure, somehow, Prince wasn’t actually talking about a beret that actually looks like a raspberry. Nothing that comes out of that guy’s mouth should be taken literally unless he’s speaking explicitly. The Raspberry Beret Shower Cap does exactly that, taking the classic Prince song to the literal degree of crazy to the point of actually putting a literal ...

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Robin Williams, Harrison Ford and Frogs

Nine times out of ten, when someone asks me what I consider important, I usually reply “beer” or “Cooler Ranch Doritos.” While those things are certainly an important aspect of life, I’ve got something a little funkier for you this time around. And to boot, it’s for a good cause. Everyone from Prince William to Robin Williams to Harrison Ford ...

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Prince Unveils Limited-Edition iPod

Looking to start a revolution similar to that of the backing band from Purple Rain? Excellent. Get ready to drop $2100 on this ridiculous purple iPod Touch. The Prince Opus iPod comes with a 40-minute concert video, 15 live concert tracks, a bunch of photographs of Prince and….well, yeah, that’s about it. Only 950 of these iPods will be produced, ...

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No Caps Lock For You

The perfect gift for your forum trolling friends who can’t help but type in all caps when trying to prove a point. Go ahead troll, push that caps lock key in. You’ll only be met with piercing pain as your fingers are punctured by two spikes, just like the Prince of Persia‘s body after a deadly fall. Let’s all contribute ...

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