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Chocolate Covered iPad

Looking for a surefire way of getting laid tonight? Grab yourself an iPad and cover that bitch in chocolate. Present it to your woman. Result? Super-horniness. Thank me later. Hey, it’s more romantic than Chocolate Weapons at least. Stefan Magdalinski created this idea as a birthday for his Apple-crazy Asian girlfriend. I’m pretty sure he’s still reaping the benefits as ...

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Kid Loses It After Receiving Xbox 360 for Christmas

The real magic happens around both the 31 and 45 second mark, where the kid proceeds to simulate sexual intercourse with the unsuspecting console. Now in contrast, hit the jump for the sweetest damn kid ever receiving his Xbox. It will melt your cold heart.

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What says “I Love You” better than a Valentines Halo shirt?

If you wind up buying one of these Valentine’s Day Halo tee shirts, be prepared for the, “Who’s Master Chief? Is that some Native American thing? I thought you were Italian.” This is how you know whether the person you are talking to has any knowledge of any video games within the last 5 years. Now, don’t expect the ladies ...

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