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Marijuana Is A Powerful Medicine

Scientists have thoroughly proven that marijuana can be used to treat pain, inflammation, atherosclerosis, and osteoporosis thanks to a chemical found in the plant called beta-caryophyllene.� When smoked, this pushes a biological button, which then soothes the immune system, increases bone mass and blocks pain signals. Since beta-caryophyllene may prove quite beneficial for users, the chemical itself could become an ...

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Toss That Salad: Salad Plant

How many times has your wife bitched you out for buying ugly kitchen appliances? I’m sure if you’re like any normal couple, it’s happened plenty of times and the both of you are sick of it. In comes the Salad Plant to save the marriage day! Essentially, it’s a plastic plant when you have both tongs placed inside the pot. ...

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“I think I found the magic chord!”

The man above is Mike Edison, the former publisher of High Times. What he’s holding is a device that’s known as the ChroniCaster, which is essentially a bong built into a guitar. His hot P-90 pickups are shielded by a special mold that helps keep marijuana resin out. Makes us wanna blast The Outlaws’ classic track “Green Grass and High ...

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