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Dog-O-Matic: A Pooch’s Journey Into Hell

Washing your dog is probably a pain in the ass, especially if your mutt is a prissy little thing. Stop taking your dog’s shit and the next time they’re due for a cleaning, hit up your local Dog-O-Matic. Created by some silly francophone named Romain Jerry, this machine takes your pooch and washes it over a brief period of time ...

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Poo Bags With Feeling

I love dogs as much as any man would but I’m very happy not having to pick up shit with a newspaper bag every day. However, if you do own a pooch and like to walk him/her in style, then may I suggest picking up some of these fancy poo bags from JungeSchactel? They’re 100-percent biodegradable, don’t clog up landfills ...

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Papercraft Pooch

We love us some papercraft here at Gearfuse. Whether it’s a delicious steak or a synthesizer, we’ll gladly break out the scissors and scotch tape for any occasion. This papercraft dog looks relatively easy to fold out and put together. It’s only three pieces, so this is a great place to start if you’re new to the craft. Link (via)

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3-D Pixel Dog Won’t Fetch Jack

This pixelated dog actually serves as an advertisement for Leica cameras. Since I can’t read a ton of Spanish, I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out how this dog came about. I love how in the one photo, the real dog is trying to see what’s up with the pixelated paper pooch. Link

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