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Fujitsu Unveils Laptop Made From Delicious Corn

Nom Nom Nom. Now that is what I call a tasty notebook. Don’t get us wrong. We understand laptops have quite a long way to go before they are considered a green consumer electronic, but Fujitsu is on the right track with this laptop made from a corn polymer. Similar to the material which makes up biodegradable plastic beverage cups, ...

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Attach Your Camera To Any Surface: For Example, A Tree

We’ve seen some inventive camera stabilizers, including the Spiderbrace Camera Stabilizer and the Mini Camera Stand, but how about one that acts as an adhesive device? The Monster Pod uses a “patented viscoelastic polymer base”, which is scientific talk for a special adhering plastic. While I wouldn’t dare place my expensive DSLR Digital Rebel camera on this thing, a nice ...

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Sparkling keypad for wearable electronics

Wearable electronic clothing is nothing new to the tech world, but this is the first time we can recall a company commercially releasing a product specifically made to control your MP3 player through your clothing. The China Coin is a blinking, sparkling wearable control inspired from the old Chinese coins from the Han Dynasty. The China Coin is 100% washable ...

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Color Changing Sunglasses that are a lens of a different color

What would you say If we told you the next pair of glasses you own could adapt to match any clothing style or lighting situation? According to the American Chemical Society (ACS), “smart” sunglasses that can literally change to any color in the spectrum within seconds is just around the corner for commercial availability. Eyeware technology could be forever changed ...

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Scientists building super tiny robot hand for super tiny needs

UCLA engineering scientists are developing a microscopic robotic hand, which they hope one day will be used for surgeries that entail removing small bits of crap. The silicon robotic fingers will be controlled by air pressure rather then electricity, which we assume is to assure it lasts longer than a complex electrical device would. The only drawback for now is ...

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