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Stuck Goldfish Bath Plug

This is what I imagine would happen if your Goldfish died from obesity and got stuck as you tried to flush it town the shower drain. Stuck like Winnie the Pooh’s fat ass in his window. Stuck like my junk in a beer bottle. Don’t ask, please. And please, let me just assure you, this appears to be much more ...

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Cord Plug Redesigned

One of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis (besides drive your automobile) is fiddle with the power cords of home appliances. You never know when pulling that cord will result in a tear and a powerful shock that you’ll certainly remember. Good thing designer Kim Seung Woo has redesigned the standard power cord with a glow-in-the-dark ...

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The reviveLITE Charges Apple Gadgets While Lighting The Way

I always find myself stubbing my toe when navigating through my room in the dark. It hurts like hell. If only I had this nightlight/charger for my iPhone. With the $40 dollar reviveLITE, I’d not only be rejuvenating my iPhone’s battery, but I’d also be saving my toenails from an otherwise gruesome deformity after colliding with an unforeseen object. Developed ...

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Lock it Cup

Personally, I have no issue with other people using my coffee mug. It increases the chance of me picking up a wicked case of cooties and girls love cooties. Seems Israeli designer Efrat Gommeh has other plans. His Lock Cup is a basic coffee mug with a hole in it. A plug for the hole with a keyring is included ...

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‘Raise Me Up’ Helps Plug It In One Handed

Power strips can often be a major pain in the ass do to the fact that if you don’t have them on a stable surface at arms reach (which would really sort of defeat the purpose in our opinion) that you need to contort your body in gymnast poses and use both hands just to plug in a new addition ...

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