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The New (Media) Workout Plan Puts Social Networking to Good Use

If you spend all of the time you used to spend exercising checking all of your shiny social media sites, chances are you’re starting to look a little lumpy. But there’s a solution! The New (Media) Workout Plan encourages fitness and geekiness working in tandem. Every time you open up a new tab to check one of these sites, perform ...

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AT&T To Charge $55 For iPhone Tethering Plan

The big question floating around the Webnets today is that AT&T will charge $55 for an iPhone Internet tethering plan. What’s not clear is if this $55 will include the $30 iPhone data plan. If so, it’s not a bad deal. But if AT&T is trying to tack on an additional 55 bucks to customer’s already high bills, that just ...

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Ten Years of Gears of War

I’m sure plenty of you Xbox 360 owners are huge Gears of War fans, whether it be the original or its sequel. Well you’ll be happy to know that Gears of War 2 writer Josh Ortega just spilled the beans on Gears’ long-term plan. Sez Josh: “You will not be disappointed in the next ten years…It’s a ten-year plan. Gears ...

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