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DIY: Super Mario Piranha Plant Scarf

Do you have the crocheting skills that pay the bills? Alright, maybe they don’t pay the bills, unless you mass produce on Etsy or something, but can you at least follow some simple instructions? Head over to the Craftster forums so you can learn how to craft your very own Piranha Plant Scarf. These beauties aren’t officially for sale yet, ...

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Real-Life Mario Piranha Plant Will Likely Eat Your Pets

Created by artist and avid gamer Kalapusa, this life-sized Piranha Plant illustrates what life might be like if we lived in a world closer to Mario’s world. Composed of a special mix of acrylics, clay and a strengthened wire skeleton, I wouldn’t get too close to this thing with any animals lighter than 50 lbs. It’s looking mighty hungry. This ...

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