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Pocket Safe USB Drive

The Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive protects all of your data by vaulting the drive with a numeral combination lock. The keypad requires that you type in a PIN before screwing around with the data inside. No more worrying about your mom “accidentally” taking a peek at your special porn drive. Hiding it under your socks just isn’t gonna cut ...

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Star Trek iPhone Case

With the upcoming Star Trek movie, this case mod is the perfect idea for those of you who consider yourself true Trekkies. Looks hard to make, no? You’d be wrong, my friend. Just grab a Star Trek federation pin, rip out the Apple logo and glue that fucker right on. You’ll get plenty of cred from your trekkie friends, but ...

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Pinhead? No, More Like Buffalo Bill

A publicity stunt celebrating the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing leaves 2008 needles in Dr. Wei Sheng’s head as well as a few hundred in his shoulder (just for kicks). When you’re already in the Guinness Book of World Records for sticking needles into your head, there is little you can do besides stick more needles in your head to ...

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Floppy Disk Pin Brings You Back To 1991

Are you feeling vintage? Heading to a LAN party to play Doom II and break out 3.5-inch classics like Commander Keen and Xargon? In that case, it’s essential you remain as dapper as possible for the occasion. This felt Floppy Disk Pin will compliment any wrinkled suit you borrowed from your roommate, unlike other apparel on the market. Link (via)

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The Gaming Medal Of Honor Shows Daddy You’re A Real Man

Do you feel like you’re under appreciated for the extensive amount of time you waste playing video games? Allow yourself a little self worth with the Gaming Medal, which honors your battle of the slacker. Sure, I was too busy playing Halo to enroll in the military to join the fight against the real terrorists. But who needs a Purple ...

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