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Arduino Drum Kit

Party on, Wayne! Look, if you don’t have an Arduino by now, I have no idea what’s wrong with you. Grab one and then plunk down some cash for this Piezo Drum Kit from Spikenzie Labs. It’s a mere $18.95 and will allow you to easily hook up piezoelectronic sensors to your board and start drumming with any tangible surface ...

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Kickbee: Twitter When The Baby Kicks

When a father makes a gadget for his unborn son, that’s true dedication. Corey Menscher designed and built the Kickbee for his pregnant wife. The baby kicks her stomach, a piezo sensor reads it and another module twitters the response for all to see. Can you guess what microcontroller is used to control all of this? Take a guess. Yup. ...

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Tapdrum MIDI Kit

This project kit is only meant to help get you started but it’s not short on features. If you’ve wanted to create your own SynthAxe-like percussion instrument, just like Futureman from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones did, then this is a great place to start. You’ll need to add your own piezo sensors to use as triggers and can even ...

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