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Keep Buff At Your Desk With Springflex

Yes, it’s a familiar image. Sitting in front of the computer with your toned, well-oiled, rippling muscles glimmering under the desk light’s glow. But after a while, your toned physique starts turning into goo, until you’ve lost so much muscle tone you can barely lift up a pen to jot down a note. Springflex clamps right onto your desk, offering ...

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Playboy Towel Allows You To Dream

When it comes down to it, there is an extremely small population of ladies who will ever make it to the pages of Playboy. Playboy bunnies are a very exclusive bunch. We doubt that laying on a Playboy Towel will fool anyone into thinking you are Hefner material, but it might just make you feel slightly better about your homely ...

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Cinch Sac Wetsuit Bag and Changing Area Keeps You Free From Sand

The sight of me in a wetsuit is usually enough to clear the beach of most stragglers, leaving me free to change my wetsuit without the worry of being seen with embarrassing sand crack. Since most of you probably don’t have the same problems with your physique, something like the Cinch Sac Wetsuit Bag could help you squeeze out of ...

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