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Shed Built Using 7,000 Recycled Phone Books

Everything that you can find in a phone book can be found on the Internet. That and much, much more. Yet, every year, without fail, phone books are delivered to most people in the United States. Thousands upon thousands of phone books are thrown out every year as the new books arrive in the mail. Alex from Shedworking decided to ...

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A Mask of Photo Booth You

You know how you can use Apple’s Photo Booth app to take some crazy-ass photos of yourself using the various effects? Designer Mark Pernice had the bright idea of creating a mask representing one of the photos taken using Photo Booth and then somehow magically using the app to recompose himself while wearing the mask. Or something like that. I ...

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Boardwalk Photos Without The Boardwalk

Go into your parent’s attic and you’ll find a box. Open it up. Inside are your childhood memories. Snocones, funnel cake – these were the times. Ah, yes. That four-shot series of photographs from the boardwalk photo booth. How grand! Wouldn’t it be great if you could relive those times? Now ya can, champ. This authentic boardwalk photo booth from ...

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