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A Gun You Won’t Be Afraid To Get Shot By

That tequila shooting pistol we wrote about was child’s play compared to this real shot gun. No, not shotgun — shot gun. It’s a gun that shoots shots of booze wherever you aim it. It’s called the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser and it’s sure to be the life of any party. What makes it so rad is it can fit ...

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Beer Goggles

The next time you participate in The Great American Challenge, make sure you’re properly equipped. Shotgunning beers can get messy and if any foam gets in your eyes, it’s game over. Stay prepared with these beer goggles. At $25 and $50, it’s a small price to pay for the eyewear of a true champion like yourself. I’m sure the babes ...

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Those Speakers Won’t Make Your Car Go Faster

If your neighbors piss you off or if you’re just an angry, bitter soul who wants to watch the world burn, then why not blast loud and obnoxious music to annoy everyone as you drive around the block? This mobile multichannel speaker car is every DJ’s wet dream. Can you imagine pulling up to the Minitek Electronic Music festival in ...

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