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Human-Powered Mobile Treadmill Keeps Up With A 350Z

This is just hilarious. Even more so than the World Of Warcraft treadmill race across Azeroth. It’s a human-powered mobile treadmill by Alex Astilean. Technically the equivalent of a large hamster wheel for humans, this mobile treadmill will have everyone in the park giving you funny looks. Just be careful not to hit anyone. With the momentum this thing could ...

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A Mobile Bench That Borrows From A Wheelbarrow

You’d think this mobile park bench was made by IKEA with its simple design and detailed instruction set for how to build it. Ironically, the creator is artist Rogier Martens, who happens to be Dutch. Did you know the parent company of IKEA is a Dutch-registered foundation known as INGKA Holding? Coincidence? I think not. This is the ideal park ...

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I Broke My Thumb On My New Concrete Fingerboard Skate Park

The next time your son begs you for a fingerboard skate park, try not to laugh in his face. Instead, be more considerate. Perhaps his new hobby will eventually lead to him going pro and becoming sponsored and thus earning him a living doing what he loves. Of course, you don’t want to settle for the cheap plastic junk Tech ...

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