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Bumper Stickers for Proud Parents of Gamers

I think my parents were always jealous of the other parents who got to show off their perfect little kid by putting one of those “I’m the parent of an honor student” bumper stickers on their cars. Sorry I disappointed you guys. But there’s still hope! Artist Das Chupa created these bumper stickers specifically for parents with gamers as children. ...

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Peekaru: Snuggies Mixed With Bad Parenting

Would you pay $80 for a blanket that wraps around you and holds a baby in a very, very loose and unsafe manner? Of course you would! Millions already have! That’s how it works here in America. They make a stupid blanket with some holes in it and you pay for it. What is wrong with the world today? Link

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Call The High Schoolers: Huffable Chocolate Available

It’s 10pm. Do you know where your children are? Chances are they’ve caught on to a strange new trend developed by David Edwards. Dave makes Le Whif breathable chocolate and it’s the new trend that’s shocking parents around the nation. You simply use the inhaler-like device to breath in particles of chocolate. At $4 a pop, this is an expensive ...

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Take Drugs, Listen To MP3s, Sleep

Have parents begging to relive the ’60s with a dash of 21st century technology? Then get them this funky pillow. It has a built-in MP3 player with speakers and comes in the shape of a boombox, cellphone or guitar. They come in tye dye coloring, so if you’re trying to keep it classy, don’t go looking here. It even has ...

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Good Parenting: Temperature Sensitive Bottles

When you have an infant, you must warm up milk in a bottle for them to gulp down. However, too cold and the child will bitch and moan. Too hot, and Child Protection Services will be knocking at your door for reasons unknown. Cut the bullshit and just get this temperature-sensitive bottle from designers Hung Cheng, Tzu-Yu Huang, Tzu-Wei Wang, ...

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