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Chipotle Launches iPhone App

If you live near a major city in the United States, chances are, you’ve seen or visited a Chipotle. See, Chipotle is a delicious. It is fast, delicious (though a bit pricey) Mexican food where burritos are the size of your child’s head. That’s why I’m incredibly excited that it has created an iPhone application for ordering Chipotle when you’re ...

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Baseball Team No One Watches To Get Touchscreens In Stadium

The Oakland A’s. A team no one really cares about, just like the post-Bo Jackson Raiders. However, that’s not going to stop the developer of Cisco Field, the A’s new baseball stadium in construction, from hooking up fans. Cisco is looking to add interactive wireless touchscreens to each seat in the stadium. You could look up player stats, game stats, ...

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