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Dude Builds A House (Yes, A House) Out of LEGO Bricks

Former GEARFUSE editor and resident GEARhead, Vince Veneziani, was kind enough to tip us off to this awesome project by Barnaby Gunning, who designed this insanely insane house made entirely of LEGO bricks, not just repaired with the bricks, like we’ve seen in the past. Insane. Oobject has the low down on the house with an interview with the architect ...

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The Many Kinds Of Crash Test Dummies

Remember that show The Incredible Crash Test Dummies? It makes you wonder: what’s so incredible about crash test dummies, anyway? It’s probably because they come in all different shapes and sizes. Short ones, fat ones, little ones and even tall ones plant their ass in a driver seat and brace for impact. Oobject must be fans of the 1993 Dummies ...

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Collection Of Ejection Seat Test Videos

Oobject has posted 10 videos of ejection seat tests that show the safety measures involved in testing a fighter jet ejection seat in action.� If you thought crash testing cars was extreme, check out some of these videos of pilots risking their lives in the name of safety testing. No crash test dummies here, folks. Only live flesh and bone ...

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