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7 Reasons Why I’ll Buy From Your Ecommerce Website

The days of shallow or aggressive marketing, poor design and usability, black-hat SEO have gone. Now, consumers are more demanding then ever – because they have a wealth of resources and a number of options. No one will ever spend their timeand money on boring/ annoying/ complicated websites. As trends, natural consumer behavior andinteractions with brands go on to evolve, ...

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Setting up an Online Store

There are many factors that go into the success of an online store. Elements include design, product, marketing, etc. Many of today’s top eCommerce stores are incredibly intuitive to use, and as result people generally do not have a problem getting through checkout without problems. This means happy customers, which lead to repeat customers and word of mouth advertising.

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Did You Know Google Had Their Own Online Store?

…because I sure as hell didn’t. Apparently Google has their own online marketplace, offering a crap load of Google-branded schwag (including slinkies!). Man, if I had known this my Christmas wishlist would have looked totally different. I totally need a Google outfit. Just a whole damn outfit decked out in Google logos. That’s what I need. Link [via]

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150 Lionsgate films added to iTunes video section

Good news for anyone who uses the iTunes Media Store to buy their digital videos: Lionsgate films are now available! It looks like Steve is still working on the major studios and their stupid reasons for not offering their videos online. With the addition of over 150 movies, the video section of the Media Store has now hit about 400 ...

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