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Disembodied Hand Prevents Wrist Fatigue

Even on Halloween, when you’re all hopped up on candy, using a mouse can be tiring. For the people who don’t use a vocally controlled mouse, you’re going to need a place to rest your hand. Good thing ThinkGeek is selling this foam wrist-rest that’s shaped like a disembodied hand. It’s perfect for October. $9.99 isn’t a bad price for ...

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Contest: Talkin’ Bout A New Sensation!

Stop listening to INXS tracks and head over to our official contest page if you’d rather win a Jawbone Bluetooth headset. What did the 1980s ever do for you? Did they save you from a $100 ticket when you were driving with your cellphone? Didn’t think so. You have until the 31st to enter, peeps, so get on it.

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T-Mobile G1 Will Not Have Bandwidth Cap

The talk about Google and T-Mobile’s upcoming G1 phone isn’t dying down anytime soon. However, in a very stupid move, T-Mobile had capped the phone so that after using more than 1GB of data over 3G, your phone would switch to GPRS-based ‘net and email access – significantly slower than HSDPA 3G speeds. Some speculate that the ‘Mo did this ...

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