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Full-Sized iPhone Ocarina

You thought one measly iPhone and one measly app could be passed off as an actual Ocarina? Sorry Smule, we know you put your heart and soul into your Ocarina app, but this is the real deal. Using three iPhones and a specially built laser cut frame, the iPhone Ocarina is much closer to the real thing. Utilizing the iPhone’s ...

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“I Am T-Pain” iPhone App Lets Anyone Use Auto-Tune

One of my favorite iPhone app developers, Smule, creators of Leaf Trombone and Ocarina, have released their newest app, I Am T-Pain. At first glance, this app might seem like a shameless plug for the T man and his destruction of music, but further research shows that this app seems like a whole lot of fun. Using the actual Auto-Tune ...

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Ocarina iPhone App Unleashes Your Inner Jethro Tull

Now here’s an iPhone application worth plunking down 99 cents for. It’s an Ocarina app that lets you play notes like a traditional ocarina by allowing you to hold down valves on the screen and blowing into the microphone. Sounds pretty creative. The best part is that it comes with a Legend of Zelda mode that turns it into, well, ...

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