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Programmer Fixes An Obsolete Vectrex

Forget what I said about the Vectrex, I was merely poking fun. It is a goofy looking but awesomely retro gaming console that’s easy to ridicule. If you just so happen to have one collecting dust in your attic because of an obsolete chip, In Choi writes on Programmable Logic DesignLine about emulating the chip with logic design. Choi proves ...

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Melted Vinyl Wave Caused By CDs

We’ve seen a lot of artists this month. From Nikki Cook‘s comics to Adam Stennett‘s oil paintings, we just can’t get enough! The latest to grace our inbox is Korean artist Jean Shin. The above picture is her sculpture called “Sound Wave,” which is made solely out of melted vinyl records to express the awareness of rising technology which renders ...

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Old PCs Used To Create Virtual Sunset

This setup, dubbed “Mauritian Sunset ” by UK-based artist Sandy Smith, is made up of a ton of old, obsolete computers and monitors. Together they create a wall-sized installation that produces beautiful colors that resemble a “sunset” of some kind. While I don’t see the whole sunset thing, I think it’d make as an awesome lighting setup for a party ...

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