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Shepard Fairey For Saks Fifth Avenue

Iconic OBEY designer Shepard Fairey has partnered with house of fashion Saks Fifth Avenue to create a series of stylish shopping bags. Each bag says “WANT IT!” in classic Fairey form. Big block letters, Soviet-era graphics; everything you’d expect from the guy who told you that Andrea the Giant had a posse. Some would call Shepard a sellout for doing ...

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KIKS TYO Collaboration With OBEY (T-Shirts!)

Everyone loves Shepard Fairey’s OBEY designs and many-a-copied Andre the Giant stickers. Japanese label KIKS TYO will be collaborating with Shep on some shirts that feature the KIKS text worked into an OBEY design. The collection is due out in September but you can get your pre-order on by hitting the link below. Link (via)

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Shepard Fairey Book Covers

Shepard is well known for his OBEY campaign and art movement. So it would come as no surprise to most that he’s done two special bookcovers for the next printing of Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. It really has the commie-style look to it with big, bold graphics that really make a statement. Congratulations to Shepard. Let’s hope he has ...

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