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The Tetris Playing LEGO Robot

Equipped with some circuitry, a webcam, a NXT LEGO Mindstorm set and plenty of time on his hands, Branislov Kisacanin created Tetris-Bot, the first (to our knowledge at least) LEGO bot to be made specifically to play Tetris. Sure, Tetris-Bot has only made it to level 1 so far, but I think it might just be biding its time. First, ...

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A LEGO Mindstorms Safe

We’re in dire need of some new LEGO stories here at Gearfuse, so be sure to send us some tips. In the mean time, check out this awesome LEGO Safe. It features a working electronic lock and weighs 14.3 pounds, making it quite the usable safe. It uses the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system, allowing for a fully programmable safe. Of ...

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Build Your Own LEGO Scanner

We love LEGOs and while we’re partial to the Mindstorms set, Anders S�borg has built and programmed his own NXT scanner comprised mostly of these bricks.� For those not familiar with NXT scanners, they’re a “standalone” scanner that can scan and save images as BMP-files.� The images scanned can be saved in either 24-bit true color, 8-bit color or gray ...

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