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Add a Numpad To Your Laptop

Have a Macbook or Macbook Pro and an iPhone? Great. You’re officially the ultimate Apple fanboy. Now that that’s settled, let’s review Balmuda Software’s Numberkey Connect software. Install it on your Mac then shell out $1.99 for the iPhone app and you’re done. You have a nice-looking numeric keypad you can use in conjunction with your laptop. A savior for ...

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Optimus Pultius: The Numpad Of Maximus Keyboards

Can’t afford an Optimus Maximus? Don’t feel bad, I can’t either. And anyone who can afford it didn’t get rich buying $1600 keyboards. Art Lebedev has announced a numpad-like keypad called the Optimus Pultius. The keyboard comes packed with 15 OLED keys, an SD card slot and a USB hub. It’ll look great alongside the Maximus you don’t own or ...

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