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Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskine Notebooks

There was a time where I thought Moleskine notebooks were the coolest damn thing on the planet. I would carry mine around with me everywhere I went. But then I realized, wait a second, I have nothing to write about in here. I go out, like, once a month. And when I do there is absolutely nothing eventful that happens. ...

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Murder Ink: For Your Most Sinister Grocery Lists

Murder Ink is not your average notepad and is certainly not for the weak at heart. Meant for only your most evil of memos and most sinister of grocery lists, the Murder Ink Notebook leaves a bloody surprise for your loved ones or co-workers. Depending on where you work this might not go over as well. If you work in ...

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Notepad iPod Cases For The Closet Sleuth

Half iPod case, half notepad and all business sums up this $27 dollar iPod Nano 3G peripheral from Scripta. Whenever I’m in a Vic Mackey kind of mood, I know this case will come in handy. It helps me keep tabs on my informants and trust me, I have a lot of them*. Whether it’s keeping track of incriminating evidence ...

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Time Killer: Windows Vista For Your Playstation 3

What happens when you put Windows Vista on a Playstation 3? Just an assload of down time, that’s what. This video shows some schmuck successfully running the OS under emulation and requiring nearly 25 minutes to fully boot up.� It even takes twelve minutes to load up Notepad, which is an amazing feat considering how demanding the application is. This ...

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Memo Pen for on-the-run note writing in pill form

How do you feel when you need to take a note down, but realize that you left your notepad at home? A pen doesn’t do much without paper. The Memo Pen combines the two into an inseparable hybrid of productivity. The Memo Pen is a standard-sized pen with a 2-foot by 2″ rolled-up piece paper in its tubing which dispenses ...

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