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I’m Tired of Hearing You Pee

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard THAT, I might have around 10 cents or so. But seriously, you know it’s bad when your housemates have to wear noise-canceling headphones when you go to the bathroom. Not that there’s much you can do about it. You just happened to be born with a powerful stream. But ...

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Cardboard Music Box Plays Square Waves

Though video game aficionados will benefit the most from a device emitting Paperboy-esque sounds, this homebrew music box. It generates random tones from an oscillator and feeds the audio through a speaker. All of which is housed inside a cardboard box mind you. The schematics, videos, plans, part list, etc. are available for download off of the website and truth ...

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Otto Lets You Hear The Unhearable

Silence can be so uncomfortable. Even when you’re chilling with friends, there’s that awkward silence that is deafening with its nothingness. Otto (Greek for “ear”) is a device which you can hook up to just about any dynamic object or situation to hear sounds that are otherwise inaudible. Otto then amplifies the sound, creating a whole new ambient experience. For ...

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