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iPhone Application for Managing Your Electric Vehicle

Nissan is geared up to release a collection of EVs on August 2, but they also have a trick up their sleeve which other companies haven’t managed to pull quite yet. Nissan will also be releasing an iPhone application which will help drivers manage their electric vehicle. The app will let the driver know how much power the EV has ...

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Nissan’s New Bot Prevents Collisions

Thanks to Nissan’s Biomimetic Robot Car (BR23C), crash test dummies could find themselves out of a job. Having been compared to R2-D2 (but bearing no resemblance whatsoever), the BR23C will not maintain your car like a mechanic would, rather, it will play the part of backseat driver. The robot is the “poster-bot” for Nissan’s new crash prevention technology. Drawing upon ...

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Sideways Parking Robot Car To Debut In 2011

There sure is a lot of car-related news today. Anyways, despite the automotive glut this story was too cool to pass up. Nissan’s futuristic Pivo 2, a “robot assisted” car that lets you drive backwards and even sideways will hit the road in Portugal in 2011. Sideways driving ability and robotic car controls aren’t the only futuristic feature on the ...

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Nissan Makes The Young Feel Old With Special Suit

When car companies do crash tests to test safety, they use test dummies. But what about testing automobiles for senior citizens? Nissan engineers have created a special suit which helps simulate movements of the elderly, which would help the company better optimize their cars for geezers. The complete suit uses several techniques to create worsened vision and decreased physical movement. ...

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Sony CMOS Camera Made For Cars

Sony has developed a CMOS camera to be integrated into the Nissan “around view monitor”, which displays an overhead view of a vehicle with four cameras video system. The 23.4 23.4 21.7mm camera will offer 1.3 MP, 30 frame rate per second, with a 186.2 view in a horizontal direction and 147 in a vertical direction. We guess ...

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Nissan NV200 Concept For The Traveling Salesman

If you’ve been looking for a transport headquarters for your company, you’ve come to the right place. The Nissan NV200 concept car is a mobile transport vehicle for packing along an entire workstation with this rolling job site. While the boxy van design won’t do much for the eye, what matters lies on the inside of the vehicle. A complete, ...

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