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Are Those Nipple Enhancers Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

There’s nothing the ladies love more than a pair of perky man nips. Forget about that (very) little secret you hide in your Jockeys. As long as you’ve got a pair of nipples capable of cutting diamonds, the ladies will come a-flocking, regardless of how rank your breath might be. The Body Perks Nipple Enhancers let the opposite sex (or ...

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Geek Pasties Cover Your Hairy Nips

Us geekys boys like to leave a little bit to the imagination. Sure, you can call us teases, but we’re just a little too modest to reveal the whole package all at once. That’s why these Geek Pasties are perfect for covering up our hairy man-nips before revealing the perkiness which hides behind them. Ok, so maybe they aren’t made ...

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Black and Decker Auto Wrench

Sometimes, when I’m hanging out with Mel Gibson, we like to play Niptwist. What’s Niptwist, you ask? It’s a game when I take an adjustable wrench and then clamp down on Mel’s nipples. He screams in delight and then begs for more. After about 45 minutes of this, Gibson passes out and mumbles some anti-semetic rant. Little does Mel know ...

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