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Newspaper Man Fights the Digital Power

Print is seemingly on its death bed. The last rattling breath is barely escaping the industry’s lungs, yet the investors and the journalists continue to hold on for dear life, now only grasping with one slippery and weak finger. But all of this doesn’t seem to phase Newpaper Man, designed by Mark Jenkins in what I imagine to be a ...

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It’s Official: The Amazon Kindle DX

After all that hype! 9.7-inches of fury with a $489 price tag. Get ready to witness Amazon’s blitzkrieg on the newspaper and textbook industries. Sporting 4GB of storage and native PDF support doesn’t hurt either. Did we mention EVDO? Oh yeah. Very nice. Look for the Kindle DX to drop this summer. [amazon link=”B0015TCML0″ title=”Link”]

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Rumor Me Not: Amazon Working On Large-Format Kindle

Man, today is all about the rumors floating around and I’m not liking it one bit. Know why? Rumors are all hype, little fact and always disappointing. Take for instance the latest one. The Internet is saying that Amazon is preparing a new Kindle with a large screen for newspapers that will drop this Wednesday. Pretty bold, right? Yeah, it’s ...

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