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Everything You Need To Know About Net Neutrality (Infographic)

With war, scandal, reform and economics at the forefront of The White House’s list of priorities, net neutrality has taken sort of a backseat to other issues. Whether this is justified or not is debatable, especially with the recent news of a possible agreement between Verizon and Google proposing a “private” internet for sites willing to pay a premium. The ...

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Time Warner Cable Doesn’t Care About Net Neutrality

We’re fed up. The cable companies have subjected us to non-stop bullshit over the past 5 to 10 years, depending on your provider. Comcast, RCN, COX, Time Warner and all the others are constantly raising our fees, not offering enough channels in HD and this time around, trying to cap our Internet bandwidth. Time Warner Cable (TWC) has been experimenting ...

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Net Neutrality: FCC To Rule Against Comcast, Order Chinese Food

Everyone hates Comcast. Don’t give me that shit that it’s a decent company. Comcast is thisclose to getting shit on by half its customers and as Verizon offers (somewhat) better options and TV, customers will start to defect away from Comcast. Now the FCC is ready to make everyone’s day, by announcing that Comcast knowingly and wrongly fucked with your ...

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