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Hyperlink: Cursors Through Art

The product of artist Ben Fino-Radin, “Hyperlink” is a four-piece series of needlepoint yarn sculptures that feature the ever-prominent desktop cursor. These are huge works of art too, meaning that Ben most likely spent hours looking at a pixelated hand in Photoshop for hours on end. It’s from 2006 but old things can be good too, you know. Link [via]

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Needlepoint Nintendo DS Case looks like pixel art

Needlepoint is usually an art form only associated with rocking chair sitting grannies. Isn’t it time for a change? This DS case was made by needlepoint, and frankly, I just couldn’t see my grandmother making something like this. Then again, my grandmother hasn’t reached the needlepoint stage in her life yet. It’s actually pretty cool because the needlepoint gives it ...

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