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Get Back In That Kitchen and Make Me a Scanwich

Us men need us our sammichs. Digital or tactile, we love our pieces of bread to be packed full of meaty goodness. A properly made sandwich is enough to make most of us drool with anticipation. That’s exactly why Scanwiches is such a dirty tease. Scanwiches is a nifty little blog which posts high-res images of cross-cut sandwiches. While you ...

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Wiping Your Brow With Yen

If you have more money then you know what to do with (and that money just happens to be Yen) then you might look a lot like the man pictured above, using the money in anyway you see fit. For those of us with more financial burden, we have to resort to more extreme measures in order to look filthy ...

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BookGem: Eat and Read With No Page Stains Or Stickiness

If you’ve ever tried to read and eat at the same time, it can be an eye-opening experience. The two forms of enjoyment just don’t go together. They are no peas and carrots, as Mr. Gump would say. BookGem holds your book open for you, keeping it at a readable angle while you enjoy your BBQ ribs. One thing that ...

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