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The Painful Reality of Super Mario Bros

Owww… my childhood. At least he hasn’t moved on to designer mushrooms. I had an idea that Mario was a dealer. But a user? I knew not. It’s that pesky Luigi that got him into this mess. I just know it. I know it was you, Luigi. You broke my heart. Link

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Glow In The Dark Fungus

This is some trippy shit. Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms found in Japan. During the season of rains in certain regions of Japan, the forests begin to fill with small lights: in the trunks of the trees and the humid ground hundreds of bioluminescent fungi grow, that thanks to a chemical reaction produced by an enzyme, emit a light that shines in a ...

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Take a peek at this psychedelic time lapse video of various molds and mushrooms. It’s complete with techno music that’s sure to make your hallucinogenic experience one to be remembered.� Remember folks, eat fungus responsibly; there is no telling what could happen. Link (via)

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